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Remember that saying, shop till you drop? That was the slogan back in the dark ages, long before online retail services were ever dreamed of. The internet revolutionized many industries but perhaps none more so than shopping with the introduction of e-commerce sites.

At the expense of the high street stores, a new generation of shopping which may have been considered sci-fi in the past is today the norm. No more lugging heavy parcels from store to store. No time constraints, no hindrances to disturb the experience. And the revolution in shipping and shopping continues. Along came E-bay, Amazon, Shopify and so much more?

Why is e-commerce taking off?

The idea of an e-commerce site is to offer you, the consumer choices and more choices. From the comfort and safety of your home, just a few clicks with the mouse and you can have your heart’s desire fulfilled. And best of all, “shopping around” means you get to find the best prices possible without having to move an inch. Place your order with Shopify and you can have it delivered by the end of the day using one of the top Shopify fulfillment services.

What makes 3PL stand out?

Competition is fierce and this is where 3P New York stands out as the number one choice in warehousing and delivery. Their FBA Prep Centre New York allows for efficient packaging and delivery for superior order fulfillment. Rising to the challenge and providing an efficient e-commerce solution dedicated to the demands of today’s consumers. Whether big or small, it is all part of our commitment to you, our client. 3PL fulfillment center in New York offers an all-round warehouse service from order placement to final delivery with on-going support throughout the whole process.

What makes 3PL different?

Working closely with our clients we offer customized solutions, ensuring that their business grows from strength to strength. 3PL fulfillment center in New York will give you fast and accurate order processing, offer low shipping and delivery costs, and the best possible fulfillment service. And it’s not just about consumer goods or electronics.

Born in 2004 Shopify embodies a wide and varied range of e-commerce partners. You might be surprised to learn that the Royal Botanical Gardens in Kew, England to the famous chocolate company Lindt are just two well-known companies that use Shopify. Shopify and 3PL, both giants in the ever-changing world of e-commerce and fulfillment services. By using the FBA Prep center New York to fulfill your Shopify orders you can rest assured your delivery needs will be met. In combination, your e-commerce business can go from strength to strength.

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