Have you ever thought about starting an online business but have no space to store your products? Or are you looking for ways to scale your operations and grow your business to the next level? Whatever the case may be, GyftGo can help you with your fulfillment needs.

How We Started

GyftGo was founded in 2015 with the vision of helping small and medium-sized eCommerce businesses grow and scale easily with smart logistics solutions.

Online businesses have grown significantly in the past few years, but fulfillment has long been a problem. Managing a store while thinking of your inventory and deliveries can be hectic, so we sought to address this issue. From inventory storage and management to packing and shipping, we’ve got you covered with our services.

With years of experience in the industry, a team of dedicated professionals, and advanced tools and technologies, you can trust in GyftGo to be your ultimate third-party logistics partner. Allow us to take over all your logistics needs, so you can focus all your time and attention on your business.

How It Works

We’ve designed our process to be quick and simple for our customers, so you can focus on growing your business while we take over the logistics. Here’s how it works:

  1. Send Inventory

Start by sending us your inventory, which we’ll store in our warehouse. Even if you increase your stocks and add products to your store, you can count on us to have enough space for them.

  1. Sell Online

Once we’ve stored your inventory, you can focus on selling your goods online. Our platform can be integrated into many sales channels, so we’ll keep track of your inventory and orders in real-time. This way, we can ship your orders as quickly as possible.

  1. Pick, Pack, and Ship Orders

We pick, pack, and ship orders as we receive them from our system. Once we ship out the packages, we’ll provide your customers with the tracking information so that they can stay updated with their parcels.

Our Services

GyftGo offers a range of eCommerce fulfillment solutions for your business, so we’ve got you covered whatever your needs may be. Our services include:

  • FBA Prep Services
  • Pick and Pack Warehouse Services
  • Shopify Fulfillment Services

If you want to learn more about our services, do not hesitate to call us with your questions and concerns. We listen closely to each of our client’s needs to make sure that we give you the right solutions for your needs.

Why Choose Us?

By choosing us as your logistics partner, we can promise you the following:

  • Variety of services (FBA Prep, Shopify Fulfillment, Pick Pack and Ship)
  • Safe and well-maintained warehouse for inventory storage and management
  • Responsive team to cater to your needs at all times
  • Advanced fulfillment software to track store orders
  • Same-day shipping services with real-time tracking information
  • Personalized customer approach to every client

We believe that shipping and fulfillment don’t have to be difficult, and with GyftGo’s services, we’ve made that a reality. Contact our team today to reach out to us!

GyftGo was formed in 2015 to help service the up and coming e-commerce business by taking over the entire shipping process. Our vision is to logistically service startups and small and medium sized businesses by providing unparalleled services on the entire shipping process. We differentiate ourselves through our customized pricing plans and our focus on our customers. No business is too small or too big for us. We have the right fit and service for every business. We aim to empower the e-commerce business by providing smart fulfillment services using our shipping platform for distribution with inventory control from our warehouses nationwide. For more information or to visualize a free demo of our service please contact us. We are excited to hear about your business and discuss how we can be of service to you so you can focus on growing your business!

  • Fast turnaround same-day shipping on all orders received
  • The most cost-effective way to ship anything on-time and on-budget
  • Prep FBA inventory without any delays
  • 7 days a week customer service via email, text, or phone
  • Order fulfillment with customer modified services
  • Integration with most of the online marketplaces either using ShipStation or Seller Active
  • Tracking and shipping information is automatically updated on all integrated marketplaces
  • Dedicated team assigned to each client


    LORENZO B. SMITH Manager