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Pick and pack fulfillment is a very important process in shipping after a customer orders an item from your online store. It involves the use of a picking list to know the quantities of each of the items from its particular location in the warehouse. To pack the items, the shipper needs to place the items in proper boxes. Also, use the right packing materials. You need to include the appropriate documentation when packing the item. After that, you need to label and ship the item to the customer. You can connect with a reliable pick and pack warehouse New Jersey to make things a lot easier for you.

Benefits of pick and pack fulfillment

Pick and pack fulfillment can reduce the cost of eCommerce fulfillment. It can also reduce the labor you have to put into the process. Things even get better if you hire a reliable service provider to handle the process for you. The picker will handpick the products for the entire order. He can also do batch picking, in which case the orders are picked in batches at once instead of one at a time. Hiring a pick-and-pack warehouse in New Jersey for the service will make the entire process go faster so that you can meet the needs of the customers more effectively. The service provider can equally help with wave picking and zone order picking.

Partner with the best

3P Shipping is the best outlet to partner with when looking for a reliable pick and pack warehouse New Jersey. The outlet is outstanding in all sense of the word and has got everything needed to provide top-notch service. The services offered here can reduce employee theft. It can also help you to easily track employee metrics. If you want to outperform your competitors, the service providers at this outlet are also the best to patronize for pick and pack fulfillment services. 3P Shipping can successfully enhance warehouse management and ensure you maintain compliance. Your service delivery will be smarter and you can record better customer satisfaction if you partner with 3P Shipping for your pick and pack fulfillment.

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